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Love Lashem

 LASHEM este un brand  ce a fost dezvoltat pentru a ajuta femeia de zi cu zi , pentru a si  păstra strălucirea ei tineresca,  este o reflectare a unui stil de viaţă sănătos şi natural se adapteaza tuturor  femeilor de la femeia "muncitoare"la cea  care sta  la mama acasă. 

Brand-ul  combina ingrediente naturale de cea mai înaltă calitate posibilă. Acestia oferim produse anti-imbatranire, ce sunt naturale si foarte cunoscute  în Statele Unite ale Americii. Linia de produse constă ( LASHEM ) rimel, creme anti-imbatranire, şi tratamente pentru gene.

        Lahem   produce numeroase produse pentru ochi precum rimel , tratament gel pentru cresterea genelor , crema pentru reducerea ridurilor si asa mai departe.
Produsele lor nu sunt testate pe animale si sunt  sunt foarte bune .
Eu am avut ocazia sa incerc 2 din produsele lor ai anume " Double Trouble Mascara" si Tratamentul Gel pentru gene . De fiecare data cand foloseam rimel obisnuiam sa folosesc un ac ( stiu ca suna aiurea insa asa imi placea mie sa mi le despart , periutele pentru gene nu ma ajutau deloc )  pentru a mi separa genele....ei bine cu Lashem numai folosesc asa ceva are o "periuta minune" cel putin pentru mine . 
Rimelul are 2 capete ( 2 periute) una pentru volum si una pentru lungime. Pentru mine este rimelul perfect nu incarca genele si nu curge atunci cand "transpiri" . Este ideal pentru orice gen de machiaj atat de zi cat si pentru unul de seara....eu folosesc pe cel pentru volum ziua iar seara ( machiajul de seara ) ambele...prima data aplic pe cel pentru volum apoi pe cel pentru lungime....iar efectul este WOW , il ador .

Cat despre tratamentele pentru gene....este prima data cand folosesc asa ceva  si am ramas uimita de rapiditatea rezultatului dupa numai 3 saptamani si vede clar diferenta. L-am aplicat in fiecare seara inainte de culcare ( incepand de acum 3 saptamani ) ,nu ma jeneaza , nu miroase urat, nu are culoare, nu lipeste genele , nu curge, este foarte usor de utilizat. Are o pensulica mica ca cea de la un tus insa este putin mai lunga. 
Genele mele sunt acum mult mai lungi , cat despre "mai dese" inca nu imi dau seama insa sunt foarte multumita de rezultatul obtinut pana acum.





Lahem is a firm "very good" from my point of view that produces many products for eye and mascara, eyelash growth treatment gel, cream to reduce wrinkles and so on.

Their products are not tested on animals and are very good.

I had the opportunity to try two of their products have certain "Double Trouble Mascara" and lashes therapy gel. Every time I used mascara I used to use a needle (I know it sounds crazy but I like to divide them, brushes for genes not help me at all) to separate my lashes with Lash .... well just use it something has a "magic brush" at least for me.

Mascara has two heads (2 brushes) one volume and one for long. For me it is perfect mascara does not load flows genes and not when "sweat". It is ideal for any kind of makeup for both day and night .... I use one on the day and night volume (evening makeup) both ... first applied to the volume then the length .... and the effect is WOW, I love it.

As for gene therapies is the first time .... use that and I was amazed how quickly the result after only 3 weeks and clearly sees and feels the difference. L I applied every night before bed (three weeks from now), I'm not embarrassed, it smells bad, has no color, no sticks genes, not flowing, it is very easy to use. It has a small brush as the eyeliner brush but it is a little longer.
My lashes are now stronger (resistant) and much longer, as the "most frequent" I do not know yet but I am very happy with the results obtained so far.


The LASHEM brand was developed to help the everyday woman keep her youthful glow; it is a reflection of a healthy and natural lifestyle to accommodate everyone from the working woman to the stay at home mother. Our brand combines natural ingredients for the highest quality made possible. We are dedicated to promoting natural beauty in a world full of unrealistic expectations in our current society. We offer anti-aging products that are natural and made in the United States. The LASHEM product line consists of mascara, anti aging creams, and eyelash booster.

Brand mission

Our goal is to empower women with natural and safe products that enhance natural beauty with anti-aging preventative eye care products. LASHEM is about improving the signs of aging, not to encourage women to vastly change their appearance. Love the way you are and you'll live a healthier and happier life.

Lashem products

LASHEM beauty products have formulas that are gentle and non-irritating

Measurable Difference Lash Gel

Experience the difference with our dual-patented lash boosting formula that is sure to condition those beautiful lashes! This lash boosting product works great on short, brittle and weak lashes. When it comes down to beauty we know it’s all about the eyes. Also works great on eyebrows. Irritation free, prostaglandin free and no prescription needed!
  • Eyelash boosting formula.
  • Protects your lashes and is designed to help improve the overall condition and appearance of eyelashes. 
  • Specifically formulated to deliver essential proteins, vitamins and rejuvenating ingredients that can nourish the structure of lashes, while adding shine and appearance. 
  • It is ideal for women and men with brittle, weak, thin or short eyelashes. 
  • Helps amplify volume by strengthening and rejuvenating lashes. 
  • Helps promote lash flexibility and durability. 
  • Adds moisture and shine to lashes and improve elasticity. 
  • Can also be used on eyebrow. 
  • Great for lash extension users! Help those broken, brittle lashes. 


Apply LASHEM with one gentle continuous stroke across base of lashes. Recommended application is twice daily, can also apply one a night. Eyes should be clear of any makeup or cream residue; contact lenses should also be removed.


Double Trouble Mascara 

Let your lashes do the taking with our infamous Double Trouble Mascara! Now you don’t have to choose—use the volume wand for a long and bold voluminous effect and use the length wand to expand your natural lashes. The lengthening fiber mascara helps extend to the tip of the lashes without clumping and doesn’t irritate your eyes. Extend those lashes for some double trouble fun!


  • Define and smooth lashes for an even application without clumps. 
  • Flexible cotton fibers wrap around each lash like a tube to help thicken and curl lashes.
  • Build length for an instant lash extension effect.
  • Nourish and hydrate for longer, thicker, voluptuous lashes. 
  • Volume fiber enhance lash growth for a bolder look. 
  • Formula is easily removed, which is great to use on sensitive and fragile lashes. 


For best results, apply the volumizing black mascara first, and then finish with the lengthening fiber black mascara for those Double Trouble lashes.

 Price : 19.99 $


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 A incercat cineva produse de la Lashem?

 Have anyone tried Lashem products?

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  2. Oana da chiar se vede o diferenta ....il poti comanda de la ei de pe site i am tag uit in postare.


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