Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Pen

Laser Hair Removal Machine

Laser Hair Removal Machine

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Product Type: Hair Removal
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Painless Hair Removal Pen for Lip, Face, and Eyebrows


Designed with a precision tip and built in LED light, you can remove even the smallest hairs and maintain perfect eyebrows with no pulling, zero harm to the pores and the process is painless. It targets even the smallest areas to maintain those perfect eyebrows. This design is portable, light weighted and small enough to keep it in your handbag, clutch, or travel bag so it can be used anywhere at anytime!


✔ Instant and pain-free way to maintain Brows

✔ Prevents skin redness or irritation

✔ Quick and convenient for easy touch-ups around and under the brow

✔ 18-karat gold plated head is hypo-allergenic

✔ Dermatologist approved

✔ Gentle enough to use every day

✔ Built-in LED light

✔ Discreet and portable so you can use it anytime, anywhere


Our Electric eyebrow trimmer is the perfect substitute for the more traditional wax and tweezers.


Eyebrow hair removal tool trimmer for lip face eyebrow




1 x Electric Eyebrow Trimmer



1. Remove the cap at the end of the Eyebrow trimmer and place a battery inside.

How to place a battery in the electric eyebrow pen

2. Press the power button in the middle of the Eyebrow trimmer, the light will then automatically turn on. Press button again to turn off.

How to turn on the electric eyebrow pen

3. Move the Eyebrow trimmer around in circular motions to remove those unwanted hairs.

Image of girl using the electric eyebrow trimmer pen


Type: Electric Eyebrow Trimmer 

Material: ABS & Stainless Steel Blade

Powered by: 1xAAA Battery (not included)

Product size: 13cm x 2.5cm x 2.3cm

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